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Welcome Colleagues!

You've reached the INRC webpages, the virtual meeting place for scientists, clinicians, and other researchers interested in all aspects of opioid pharmacology and function.    


The advancement of science relating to all aspects of opioid research primarily by providing an international forum where there can be exchanges of information among interested scientists from different disciplines.



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(click on History link at left to see the pictures from his party)


2015 INRC Meeting is over and was a great success!

Many thanks to Drs. Todd Vanderah and Tally Largent-Milnes and the rest of the Local organizing and Scientific Program Committee members for an excellent conference and venue. Click on Past Meetings link on left for the compete program and abstracts, as well as some pictures from the meeting.


The next INRC Meeting will be in Bath, England, UK from July 10-14, 2016.
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[poppy-pic]The poppy plant, Papavera somniferum,
is the natural source for morphine and
other opioid alkaloids


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